Extra-curricula study for high school students

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The Computer Studies programme is intended for students from all high schools. Classes are taught before or after school hours (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The programme is structured as to provide the students with a solid core of computer science courses and with the ability to gain substantial depth in terminology and professional slang specialized for IT English.

project portfolio

international certificates

preparation for the university admission process

The purpose of the Computer Skills programme is to prepare students for not only their future university studies but also to provide them with a flying start in the different courses through their higher education, related to Computer Science and Information Technology.

Computer Studies programme aims to ensure that by the end of the fourth year, every student will have the required skills to remain up to date with technological advances and systems change, but at the same time will gain insight into the practical issues of building and maintaining systems by participating in intensive project-oriented courses.

Computer Studies program is suitable for students from 8th to 10th grade

For all subjects, mandatory class attendance is a condition for being admitted to the final exam. The requirement of mandatory attendance means that one must be present for at least 80% of the classes Each subject is divided into different modules. Each module is intensive, with one-month duration and concludes with either an individual presentation, group project or a written exam.

Through the first three years students will cover basic computing studies, while the fourth year is entirely devoted to the organization of a personal start-up project. During that final year, studies are in the form of weekly mentoring programmes, consistent with the needs of every team and project. The fourth year is also the time when students undergo a preparation for the COMPTIA A+ Certificate and the appropriate English Language Certificate either CPE or TOEFL iBT, depending on the students needs.


6 academic hours computer lab sessions
2 x 2 academic hours IT English
per week

First year

Autumn / IT English B2+

Procedural Programming
Algorithms – part 1
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems

Spring / IT English C1

Object-oriented Programming
Algorithms – part 2
Applied Mathematics for Computing
Electronics and Robotics

Second year

Autumn / IT English C1

Data Structures
Design Patterns
Network Technologies
Hardware Design

Spring / IT English C1

Software Architectures
Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
Web Programming Languages
Cryptography and Security

Third year

Autumn / IT English C1

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Cloud Solutions
Software Quality

Spring / IT English C1

Personal Software Process – PSP
(Software Engineering Institute – Carnegie Mellon University)
Software Optimization
Embedded Solutions
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Fourth year

IT English C2 / Certificate prep 

Start-up project

Monday - 8:00 - 12:30 Computer Labs
Wednesday, Friday - 11:00 - 12:30 IT English 8

Monday , Wednesday - 14:00 - 15:30 IT English
Friday - 14:00 - 18:30 Computer Labs

Price: 600 BGN / month

    mornings (Monday – Computer Labs, Wednesday and Friday – IT English)afternoons (Monday, Wednesday – IT English, Friday – Computer Labs)

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